The Buffalo Mountain Trail System

    Most noted for..... historic relevance to the Hatfield-McCoy Feud and Matewan Massacre, overall amount of trails, one of three original HMT systems (opened in October 2000), high percentage of single track trails, two trailheads, and direct trail access to the towns Williamson, Delbarton, and Matewan.

    Percentage breakdown of trails by difficulty rating-
    Easiest (Green):  28%
    More Difficult (Blue):  22%
    Most Difficult (Black):  15%
    Most Difficult (Red/Black):  4%
    Single Track (Orange):  31%

    Located at 34 Oakwood Heights Rd., Williamson, WV 25661-9612 (lat 37.70070, long -82.21320) 
    Has a 2+ acre parking lot, staffed trailhead, on site restrooms, permits & merchandise

    Community Connector:
    Williamson, WV (food, fuel, lodging available)
    Delbarton, WV (food, fuel, lodging available)
    Matewan, WV (food, fuel, lodging available)

    Rider Helmet Cam Footage of Buffalo Mountain       
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