The Pinnacle Creek Trail System

    Most noted for..... one third of the largest continuous areas of the HMT network along with Pocahontas and Indian Ridge trail systems and connectors.   Pinnacle Creek is also know for it's scenery and proximity to Twin Falls State Park (15 miles) as well as skiing and whitewater rafting (within 1 hour). 

    Percentage breakdown of trails by difficulty rating are as follows;
    Easiest (Green):  33%
    More Difficult (Blue):  41%
    Most Difficult (Black):  8%
    Most Difficult (Red/Black):  10%
    Single Track (Orange):  8%

    Located at 2733 Pinnacle Road, Pineville, WV 24874 (lat 37.55580, long -81.50793)
    Has a 2+ acre parking lot, staffed trailhead, on site restrooms, permits & merchandise

    Community Connector:
    Pineville, WV (food, fuel, lodging available)
    Mullens, WV
    Welch, WV
    Kimball, WV
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