Bramwell High School ATV Lodge

About This Business

Bramwell High School ATV Lodge, located only ½ mile ATV ride from the Pocahontas trail head, is destined to be a place for the likes of everyone.  The old High School is a favorite when it comes to the town of Bramwell and the folks that live there.  We are hoping to make the lodge a destination not only for Hatfield and McCoy trail riders but also those looking to vacation in this pleasant little town of the Millionaires.

If an adventure trip is what you are looking for then you have come to the right place.  Our Pocahontas trail head is directly connected to two other trailheads; Indian Ridge and Pinnacle Creek.  The connection of these three trails makes for the largest continuous legal miles of trails east of the Mississippi River. Also notably, the town of Bramwell where our Trailhead is located as well as our Lodge is historically known for its once large population of millionaires and millionaire homes in the early 20th century.

At the moment we have just the necessities including bunk rooms with heat, air conditioning, refrigerator and microwave in which we can accommodate up to 12 Riders.  Bunks are double on bottom and single on top; includes sheets and pillows.  Must bring your own bathroom items; towels, wash clothes, soaps, shampoos, etc..

Future plans include renovations of the full Gymnasium for basketball, football, etc.., game room including ping pong and billiards, indoor storage for customers units along with a couple of “Suites” for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

Give us a call and make your next offroad adventure trip historical by staying with us here at the Bramwell High School ATV Lodge.


Phone Number: 304-754-5500

Closest Trail: Pocahontas

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